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Pixel City: Crime Car Theft Race 3D Full app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 5024 ratings )
Games Action
Developer: Tayga Games OOO
3.99 USD
Current version: 1.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 29 Jan 2016
App size: 142.58 Mb

Try yourself as a criminal living in Pixel City! Become a bandit to build your own crime empire – start a gang and then turn into a real mafia clan! Grab the auto and start ultimate criminal sventure playing Pixel City: Crime Car Theft Race 3D game!

Test your driving skills trying to avoid a cop chase! Drive into the atmosphere of Pixel Crime City – small town made of cube and blocks. It used to be a calm peaceful place, but now it’s full of bandits, robbers, car thieves and other criminals! Start your career being a gangster and survive in this cruel world full of dangers, gunshots and gangs trying to kill you! Check Pixel City: Crime Car Theft Race 3D – ultimate 3D crime simulator for those who loves shooting and high speed racing!

Completing various criminal missions – steal pixel cars, rob shops and fight against other gangs and bandits! Feel the adrenaline acting like a criminal – race fast, participate in extreme cop chases, start a gunfight to prove your worth as a criminal or break the law the way you like! Explore pixel city – start your career as a criminal driver at first and then build up your own gang or even crime empire!

Are you ready for life full of dangers? You, the stolen pixel car and cops following. Escape from the police and explore crime city made of cubes and blocks! Try different guns and weapon to protect yourself from cops or other criminals’ attack, steal cars and show your driving skills taking part in extreme police chases full of adrenaline! Choose jobs you like – steal cars, rob shops, fight against other gangs or even become a killer! Break the law playing ultimate crime simulator and try to survive fighting for your life on pixel city streets! Remember, the last thing you like is to get into is a police chase! Challenging criminal missions, extreme city race, car theft and even more! Survive on the streets full of dangers with Pixel City: Crime Car Theft Race 3D!

Never let cops bust you and overcome your rivals to become powerful gang leader with this ultimate crime simulator in 3D!

Pixel City: Crime Car Theft Race 3D features:

- Pixel Crime City to explore – explore cube city streets and start your career being a blocky bandit
- Break the law – steal pixel cars, rob shops, participate in gunfights, kill other criminals, drive fast to get rid of police
- Amazing 3D graphics
- Great racing and shooting experience
- Build your own crime empire – start a gang and then turn it into a real mafia clan!

Start your career being a criminal driver and finally build your own gang or even a crime empire! Explore pixel city full of dangers, drive powerful cars to escape from the police and shoot other criminals to get rid of rivals! Survive in this cruel criminal world Pixel City: Crime Car Theft Race 3D! Race, shoot and have fun!